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Top 5 Tips for Running a Great Print Campaign

Top 5 Tips for Running a Great Print Campaign


Here at London Calling we know a fair bit about print! So here are our top tips for putting together the most effective print campaign:

1. Clever design.
The most important thing to consider when designing print is that most of the time only the top third of your leaflet will be on display when in our racks. Logos, dates, special offers and anything else that you really want people to know about should all go in that top third so that passers by will be more inclined to pick it up and find out more.

2. Research.
Look at other pieces of print you see around or the print of venues that attract a similar crowd to yours. What would you be likely to pick up in a rack full of print? What would stand out? Minimal text and strong images often work well, but nothing is better than research –  find out what works best for your desired audience.

3. Be clear.
What are your goals for the campaign? Is it to attract new audiences, or reach existing ones? Increase sales or grow brand awareness? A campaign without an objective is a lost one, so be clear and convey this when chatting with your Account Manager and we can advise you on the best possible options.

4. Don’t be afraid to be niche.
Be as targeted as you like, whether it’s people of a specific age, gender or set of interests; this is all useful information that we can use to find where your audiences are and decide the best print display locations for you.

5. Plan.
Even if you don’t have your print produced yet, get in touch and begin planning, as we can recommend the best time for you to get your print out there reaching your target audiences to have the most effective campaign possible.

So those are our top 5 tips to start off a brilliant print campaign. If you need any advice or have any queries about your campaign, get in touch with your Account Manager or any member of the Client Services team via or on 02072 757225.


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Arts and Culture Marketing Round-Up 2

Arts and Culture Marketing Round-Up 2

Whether you’re an established Marketing Manager at a big arts organisation or the founder of a tiny fringe theatre wondering how to sell tickets, we want to help you out! That’s why every few weeks we round up our favourite arts marketing advice and tips from the internet to bring you practical advice for advertising and promoting your theatre, art venues, museum, gigs or events!

Here are the most practical and inspiring tips and tricks we’ve discovered in October 2015:

5 Ways to Protect Your Brand’s Online Reputation
A beginner’s guide covering the first steps to take towards creating a strong online brand.
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An Introduction to Arts Marketing
A fascinating write-up of a talk by Heather Maitland, Associate Fellow at the Centre for Cultural Policy Studies at the University of Warwick.
Read it here

Turn Branding Failures into Successes
Sometimes a marketing campaign or promotion can go badly wrong. This useful document shows how six brands turned failures into successes and analyses the relevance of these examples to arts and cultural organisations.
Read it here

Top CRM Tips
Seven top tips for keeping your CRM healthy and useful as an arts marketer.
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How to Use Instagram and Pinterest for Your Arts Organisation
In many ways, Instagram and Pinterest are the most natural social media platforms for arts organisations to use since they focus on pictures, eye-catching design and visual marketing. This is a creative introduction into using these platforms to promote your organisation.
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How to Write a Press Release for an Art Event
This really practical step-by-step guide by the Arts Council takes you through the process of writing a great press release. It’s a very useful resource for anyone getting to grips with PR basics.
Read it here



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