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How to Effectively Combine Print and Digital Marketing

How to Effectively Combine Print and Digital Marketing

Print is a powerful tool which can help businesses connect with their key audiences, as well as reaching new, previously untapped demographics. That said, if you’re not incorporating digital into your marketing campaign, you could be missing a trick. So if you’re at a loss on how to combine the best of both print and digital into your marketing efforts, we’ve pulled together a couple of tried-and-tested ideas to help you get the most out of your campaign.

1.) Be Consistent with your Branding
It might seem obvious but, as with any type of marketing, consistency is key. When considering your print campaign, you want your leaflet/flyer/poster to stand out and make an impact, however how this transcends into your digital efforts should also be considered. It’s important to come up with a clear brand identity. If you don’t, you invite confusion or simply risk your audience not being able to connect your brochure and website as part of the same marketing effort.

2.) Make the Most of Social Media
Again, this one may sound like an obvious suggestion, but we’ve seen so many campaigns fall short when it comes to utilising their social media channels. Social media offers the perfect launch pad not just for digital campaigns, but for your printed output as well and is one of the most effective digital tools for reaching a lot of people in a short space of time. It can also help push traffic from print to digital and vice versa.

Be sure to include details of where readers can follow you online on your print. Encourage discussion around your brand by creating an interesting hashtag unique to your event/brand/product and use it in your own social media activities. This will help create a recognisable correlation between your social media channels and print displays.

3.) Use QR Scans and Tracked Links
QR (Quick Response) scan codes can be can be a really effective way of directing those interested in your print straight to your website via a smartphone or tablet. The versatility of these codes allows you to use them on any printed material, and scanning them will take you to the desired landing page, whether that’s a special offer or your website’s homepage. When paired with personalised URLs, you can track the successfulness of these codes and where users are engaging with your print materials. When used well, these codes can bridge the divide between offline and online marketing by encouraging offline customers to visit your digital channels.

4.) Use CTAs to Drive Traffic from Print to Digital
A lot of print can be designed with only one aim in mind, be that a specific event or product, a special offer or to raise awareness. By incorporating a powerful CTA (Call to Action) into your printed material, you can again help to bridge the gap between print and digital. Use clear CTAs in your printed materials to encourage consumers to visit your social media page or website for more information. For an extra push, using an exclusive offer or special promotional code can help as an incentive to drive more traffic from your print to online.


So there we have it! A few ideas to help you get started when it comes to integrating digital into your print campaign. Any of these sound like something you’d be interested in? Get in touch with our client services team and they’ll be able to help!

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Three Unique, Quirky and Cultural London Calling Venues

Three Unique, Quirky and Cultural London Calling Venues

Constantly on the hunt for fantastic new venues to host our client’s leaflets and brochures, London Calling’s Business Development Officer Alice is an expert in the city’s quirkiest venues, from vinyl shops to art schools and coffee shops to climbing walls…

London is a busy, chaotic city, but nestled in its streets are venues where you can be entertained, escape, or even learn a new skill. When finding great locations for London Calling print racks, I come across beautiful venues every week. Here are three of the most interesting and idiosyncratic venues that host our racks:


Cable Café Bar

Cable Café Bar in Oval sits on a busy street behind a bus stop. Inside however is a beautiful wood panelled space, with an eclectic mix of furniture, dripping candles and old pictures on the walls. During the day the friendly staff make coffee with an ancient hand-pulled espresso machine and in the evening they serve beers, wines and spirits. The cosy atmosphere is intensified every Tuesday evening when the bar hosts live Jazz music.


Travelling Through

Travelling Through is a bookshop with a difference. Specialising in travel they sell fiction, non-fiction, memoirs and biographies categorised by continent, country and place. Potential explorers can discover new and classic works from around the world and enjoy a coffee in its downstairs cafe. The shop also hosts events and workshops, such as philosophy meetups and mindfulness classes, and has a monthly book club. If you ever want to escape from London for a while, you can just pick up a travel guide and see what the world has to offer.


The National Centre for Circus Arts

Exercise doesn’t have to be humdrum. The National Centre for Circus Arts teaches thousands of people circus techniques from the flying trapeze to acrobatic balancing. Located in a Victorian power station near Hoxton Square, the centre offers workshops and recreational classes to established performers and newcomers alike; they also teach a BA degree in Circus Arts!



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