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GDPR Reading List

GDPR Reading List

One of the biggest projects for many arts organisations in 2018 will be preparing for the introduction of GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulation is a new set of rules about how organisations are allowed to use personal data. With these regulations coming into effect from May 2018, we all need to ensure that we are fully complaint by this time.

The GDPR regulations relate to how you collect, store, process and share personal data such as customer, audience and employee records. As such, it is relevant for most arts, culture and charity organisations! Happily, there is lots of information available from trustworthy sources online. Here’s a short reading list of GDPR articles, best practice and guidance that we think will be most relevant for our clients and contacts…

1. Arts Council England has created an incredibly useful site called Sharing Data which clearly and concisely sets out best practice for data collection in relation to GDPR and the arts. This site is a great first stop introduction to the subject, and includes case studies, FAQs and a list of further resources to investigate.

2. Museums will benefit from the Association of Independent Museum’s thorough Success Guide – an extensive document intended to brief small museums on how privacy and data regulations impact them.

3. Charities and non-profit organisations will need to consider donors as well as audiences and customers. The Information Commissioner’s Office has put together some GDPR guidance specifically for charities. This includes a charity sector toolkit, explaining how to implement appropriate policies within charitable organisations.

4. The Institute of Fundraising has created a guide designed to teasing out the elements of GDPR that are most relevant for fundraising organisations. They call their guide “a starting point for fundraisers to be aware of some key areas that they need to be thinking about.”

5. Finally, ArtsProfessional’s no nonsense article lists practical tips for implementing GDPR within arts organisations.

Making sure you are compliant with the new data regulations may seem a daunting task, especially for smaller organisations with limited resources. But these guides and articles should offer a good place to start, and help you to build up a basic understanding of the impact these changes will have – and the work that needs to be done to prepare for them!

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St. Paul’s Cathedral Case Study

St. Paul’s Cathedral Case Study

Advent & Christmas at St. Paul’s Cathedral – Winter 2017



St. Paul’s Cathedral Adult Learning Centre have worked with us for a number of years. In 2017, the Cathedral decided to work more closely with the London Calling team, using our print distribution runs to promote the venue itself and the events that take place there.

This particular campaign was put together with two different aims… Firstly, St. Paul’s wanted to promote the cathedral as not only a place of celebration over the Christmas period, but also a place of refuge for those who may not look forward to the holiday period. St. Paul’s wanted to reach out to families of all socio-economic backgrounds and promote the Church as a place for everyone to find support and sanctuary. The second aim was to target the many City workers whose offices sit around St. Paul’s but who very rarely visit the cathedral.


The Campaign

London Calling ran an 8 week print campaign made up of staggered 4 week-long runs, a medium sized campaign for a client of this size. It started at the end of November and the print was organised to stay on display until after the Christmas and New Year break. To target the City workers, St. Paul’s opted for our newest display network, City Culture and to reach the various families we suggested our London Villages runs. In order to reach those who might need a little extra support over the holidays, we distributed St. Paul’s print onto our Niche Specials; Waiting Rooms and Youth Centres. To round-off the campaign with a general run reaching people of all socio-economic backgrounds, we added our popular Libraries run. Overall, St Paul’s Cathedral had their print displayed in museums, galleries, local cafes, libraries, health centres, community centres, youth centres and more.


The Results

“Many thanks for all your time and help to get to where we have got to so far… the displays look really good!” – Ed Holmes, Marketing Manager

The campaign was used not to drive ticket sales, but to reach out to those who wouldn’t usually frequent the venue. St. Paul’s were incredibly happy with the reach and are looking to book again, increasing the scope of this work to drive up their membership numbers – something we are working on with them for 2018.


Distributing Print Marketing Materials with London Calling

If you would like to find out more about how we can place your print in front of your key target audiences, or would like us to create bespoke distribution runs for you, please get in touch with our friendly Client Services team at 0207 275 7225 or email

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