London Calling is the UK’s only print display agency to also provide extensive digital marketing services to our clients. We can reach out to your target audience via a host of online and offline channels, creating a fully integrated campaign. Digital Marketing Services

Our digital team can supplement your print distribution campaign with a range of impactful and targeted digital promotions. Our main consumer website,, is supported by sites covering the rest of the UK, as well as a strong presence on social media and regular newsletter promotions. Here’s a flavour of what we can offer:

  • Exposure in our email marketing campaigns, including story spots in our weekly newsletter or a dedicated to solus send to the most relevant of our 50,000+ email subscribers
  • Website advertising opportunities including listings for upcoming events, competitions and advertising slots on the homepage
  • GDPR-compliant data collection options to grow your own newsletter lists by collecting user email addresses from people with a proven interest in your upcoming events
  • Social media marketing campaigns including precisely targeted paid posts run across Facebook and Twitter
  • Banner advertising to drive traffic directly from our websites to yours
  • Bespoke digital marketing campaigns to suit your exact brief and budget – from our unique Hashtag Events to creative video production


Our Consumer Websites is a London-based arts, culture and food website run by the team here at London Calling. We use the website to connect cultural organisations promoting their venues with tourists and Londoners looking for expert recommendations on the city’s diverse cultural scene. Our partners and clients leverage the brand to reach out to new audiences and build brand awareness, associating their venues and events with our trusted, select cultural content. Clients have the opportunity to connect with a broad base of culturally-engaged readers looking for arts, tourist and food recommendations through our range of digital products.

Looking to promote events, venues and activities outside of London? Our consumer websites and cover Southern and Northern England, providing our clients access to highly engaged local audiences of culture-lovers.