Here at London Calling we offer a number of street marketing options. Street marketing involves creatively displaying your campaign in a number of key locations in high-footfall outdoor areas to generate a response from your target market.

Examples of street marketing we can do include:

Scooter Media: Vespa scooters tow illuminated poster display trailers, creating a message on the move through your chosen area. They can also tow sampling pods and provide music to really capture your audience’s attention.

Light Projections: Light projections can create a powerful visual effect and also help to create an online and offline PR buzz about your campaign or event. Projections can be still, animated or interactive.

Chalk Stencils: Create an eye catching colourful message aimed at your target audience. The stencils are created by applying coloured chalk onto a pavement or other surface.

Clean Stencils: These are an environmentally friendly way to advertise. They are created by spraying high-pressure water through a stencil onto the pavement. They are low cost and can last up to 6 weeks.

Digi Walkers: With the ability to run bespoke adverts including games and video content, collect survey data and captivate passers by our latest Digi Walkers are a fantastic way to generate word of mouth. They are interactive and can even print tickets and vouchers. A great way to connect with engaged audiences.

Look Walkers: Look Walkers are glowing mobile billboards that are worn as backpacks with front and back display of high definition or digital images whilst staff hand out print or merchandise to promote your event.