Marketing for Dance Venues and Dance Classes in London

London Calling provide specialist marketing services for cultural organisations of all kinds, including performance arts and dance venues as well as dance charities, classes and organisations. We are an established marketing agency based in London, with 30 years experience of helping our clients reach their key audiences through targeted print distribution, ambient marketing and digital promotion.

If you are looking to promote a dance venue or organisation outside of London, have a chat with our sister agency Culture Calling, who offering marketing services across the whole of the country.


Marketing Services for Dance Organisations

Print Marketing and Flyering

Get the word out about your events through print display! We can post your posters in the trendiest pubs, bars and cafes. We can hand out flyers in your local area. We can display your brochures across our print distribution networks in exclusive racks placed in the best cultural venues in London. Why not try out our specialist Dance Run, our wide-reaching Contemporary Culture Network or one of our niche demographic print display runs like Folk or Cabaret to put your message directly into the hands of the most relevant target audiences.


Digital Marketing
Have you explored Our consumer website is your cultural edit – a selection of the best, most unique cultural gems in London. We can promote your dance classes, shows or events via the website’s engaged following of 50,000 newsletter subscribers or 100,000 social media fans.

Dance Organisations we Work With

We work with a number of dance venues and organisations in London, such as The Place, Greenwich Dance, Dance Umbrella, Roundhouse and The English Folk Dance and Song Society.


“London Calling are great to work with: they are very familiar with our brand and audience, and provide great advice on targeted marketing.”

– Stratford Circus